Hong Kong Travel Guide: A 11,000 PHP Itinerary

Hong Kong is special to me because it’s our (My Boyfriend) First International Travel together and also marked my 5th country to visit out of 193; and his Nth time to visit HK.

Hong Kong is one of the richest financial and trading center in Asia and also one of the vibrant cities in the world that tourists love to come and visit because of its VISA FREE (for Philippine Passport Holders).

Traveling to Hong Kong for the first time? This Itinerary will help you to Plan your trip; If you’re into Photography, I listed out the Instagramable-must-visit place in Hong Kong.



Hong Kong is composed of Five Districts:

Hong Kong Island (香港島)
The site of the original British settlement and the main focus of most tourists. Most of Hong Kong’s highest skyscrapers and the financial center can be found here. Overall, Hong Kong Island is more modern and wealthy and considerably less dirty than the other areas of Hong Kong. The Peak is the tallest point on the island, with the best views and highest real estate values in the world.
Kowloon (九龍)
The peninsula to the north of Hong Kong Island, with great views of the island. It offers a chaotic mix of malls, street markets, and residential tenements. With over 2.1 million people living in an area of less than 47 square kilometers, Kowloon is one of the most densely populated places in the world. Kowloon includes Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀), the location of many budget hotels and Mong Kok (旺角), a shopping district. Kowloon city (九龍城區), is worth the visit. Full of local restaurants, this area is famous for Thaï food, the amazing Wall City Park and the Kowloon Tsai park with an incredible swimming pool.
New Territories (新界)
Named by British officials when leased from the Chinese government in 1898, the New Territories contain a curious mix of small farms, villages, industrial installations, mountainous country parks and towns that have populations the size of some cities.
Lantau Island (大嶼山)
A large island west of Hong Kong Island. You will not find many idyllic villages, but once you get over the stray dogs and the ramshackle buildings you will find beautiful mountains and beaches. The airport, Disneyland, and the Ngong Ping cable car are located here.
Outlying Islands (離島)
Well-known weekend destinations for the locals, the Outlying Islands are most of the islands surrounding Hong Kong Island. Highlights include Lamma (南丫島), well known for its seafood and Cheung Chau (長洲), a small island that used to be a pirates’ den, but now attracts seafood aficionados, windsurfers and sunbathing day trippers.

(Source: wikitravel.org/en/Hong_Kong)

1527164213195PRE TRAVEL GUIDE

Two hours Flight from the Manila, Philippines, you can also fly direct from Cebu, Clark, & Iloilo.

Several platforms like Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and Jetstar; Travel search sites like Skyscanner, Traveloka etc. are also available if you want to score a cheap flight to Hong Kong.

For Philippine Passport holders, we can enter Hong Kong VISA-EXEMPTED up to 14 days. All you need to do is show your Passport and Arrival card when clearing Hong Kong immigration and return the departure card.

October to May (Actually it depends on you, but most the tourist loves the cold weather between this month). June to September (Summer season and Typhoons usually occur)

Accommodations in this country are pretty expensive, it’s around 1,500 Php above/Night but the best place to stay is in TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) and Around Central.

I always make sure to book ahead of time all my Accommodation, Activities and Wireless Connection before Traveling Locally or Abroad. Klook saves a lot of money and Energy (in some ways) when it comes to Activities, Transportation and etc. I definitely recommend booking your travel activities with KLOOK! Sign-up here to get 171.1 PHP Discount on your Bookings: KLOOK

» Octopus Card (Via: KLOOK)
» Wifi Connection (Via: KLOOK ) / Hong Kong Sim Card (Via: KLOOK)
» Discounted Hong Kong Tours and Activities (Hong Kong tours)



» For the First time International Travel, just bring these documents to avoid being offloaded.

1. Valid passport (at least 6 months)
2. Bank Certification (Optional)
3. Credit Card (if applicable)
4. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) (Optional)
5. Certificate of Employment (COE, of course, if you’re employed)
6. Approved Leave of Absence (LOA, if employed)
7. A copy of Company ID (First thing na hinahanap ng IO to bes!)
8. Return flight ticket (A must)
9. A copy of your daily itinerary
10. A copy of your hotel/hostel booking reservation
11. A visa (to a particular country if applicable)

» To avoid long line/queues, you must Check-In first via Web / Mobile. You can use your mobile device as early as 7 days before your flight (ending 4 hours before your flight) to check in and get your boarding pass. This service is really fast and seamless and can definitely guarantee you a convenient check-in process.

»Rent a 4g Wifi to stay connected (WiFi device where up to 5 people can connect)
•Google Maps: Your ultimate travel navigator during your trip. It provides with routes and walking trails towards your destination.

»Always bring your passport with you
For safety purposes as well as for you to also be ready to present it whenever a Police Officer or a Government Official demands it.


»Stay in Hostels / Guesthouses
Hostels in Sort-of Expensive but if you do have a budget, you can stay at the Hotel.
Here are some of my List when booking my accommodation:
1. Bookings
2. Agoda
3. Airbnb

Note: If you can avoid Booking in Chungking Mansion, Please do so. I’m nothing against the place but there is a lot of scammer around the area so please be aware.

»Food Saving Tips: Buy some Snacks, Can Goods and any resealable pack that you can bring going to Hong Kong. Honestly, it saves a lot of money. But if you’re not a budget traveler like us, you can splurge on whatever you want.

»Always change your money to USD
It’s more convenient and practical when traveling abroad. In Chungking Mansion there is Western Union with Good Exchange Rates and also one of our kababayan around the area will give you also a Good Exchange Rates.

»Souvenir Tips
Wala kang mabibiling pasalubong na mura sa Ladies Market but when buying pasalubong tagain mo nang tawad like 90% off (Haggle to the max!). e.g. Katulad ng sticker ref magnet nila, yung isang balot ng may 5/6 pcs na Sticker magnet mabibili mo ng 25hkd each pero hindi pa yon ang sagad nila, kaya ibaba pa yon ng 15-18hkd. Meron don na Chinese vendor alam kung paano tumawad yung mga Pinoy so she offers me 20hkd each Sticker Magnet but I managed to lower the price by 15-18hkd

»Use Public Transportation
Navigating around the city may seem chaotic and complicated but in Hong Kong the only way to go around the City is Via Train / Bus / Walk so better to familiarize the train system and Bus Routes and don’t be afraid to ask the locals for directions (inside and outside the city.)



DAY 1 – Manila-Hong Kong

1100H ETD to Manila International Airport Terminal 3
1200H Arrival to NAIA T3
»Pay Travel Tax
»Check-in (Mahaba pila so better nag online check-in na)
1445H Boarding bound to Hongkong
1810H Arrival at Hong Kong International Airport
1840H Pick-Up Klook Octopus Card at Airport Arrival Counter A13
1900H Ride Bus A21 going to Tsim Sha Tsui
2000H Check-in to Chungking Mansion Guest House *Nightmare happens*
2100H Off to Mongkok *Window Shopping*

Places as follows:
1. Sneakers Street
2. Ladies Market
3. Temple Street / Men’s Market
»If your into camera try to visit Sim City, it’s a lot cheaper compared to outside stalls in Mongkok

2300H Back to Chungking Mansion Guest House *Eat Dinner*
2400H Lights off

DAY 2 – Hong Kong DIY Tour

1. Hongkong Cultural Centre
2. The Peak
3. Choi Hung Estate
4. Ping Shek Estate
5. Lok Wah South Estate Car Park
6. Yick Cheong Building “”Monster Building””
7. Lai Tak Tsuen (NOT RECOMMENDED)
8. Wall Art in Hollywood Road

0600H JWU / Prep time for breakfast and First Leg of HK DIY Tour
0630H Hongkong Cultural Centre (Just 5 mins walk from Chungking Mansion) *Photo Op
0700H Ride Star Ferry going to Central (Most convenient and affordable transportation going to Central from Tsim Sha Tsui, mind you that Hong Kong also their own rush hour, so don’t take the ferry between 8AM – 9AM / 6AM – 8PM)
0715H Central Station / Look for the Green Minibus # 1
Option: Book your tour in KLOOK
Travel Time | Bus: 30 mins | Peak Tram: 15-20mins
Transportation Cost (One way): Bus : 10 HKD | Tram : 70 HKD (including Sky Pass via Klook) / 94 HKD (Roundtrip + Sky Pass)
0800H Off to The Peak
0825H Arrival to The Peak
»Walk for 20 mins to Lugard Road Picture Area
»Lion’s Pavilion (Another Photo Op)
0930H Off to Central Station
1000H Central Station / Took an MTR going to Tsim Sha Shui
1015H Chungking Mansion / Rest / Prep for the Second leg of Hong Kong DIY Tour
1115H Lunch at Jollibee TST (5 mins walk from Chungking Mansion)
1200H Onwards: Start of Second Leg of DIY Tour (Check-out Best Instagram Worthy Spot in Hong Kong for the detailed itinerary)

Attraction as follows:
1. Choi Hung Estate
2. Ping Shek Estate
3. Lok Wah South Estate Car Park
4. Yick Cheong Building “Monster Building”
5. Lai Tak Tsuen (NOT RECOMMENDED)

You might want to check my Blog entry for “Best Instagram Worthy Spot In Hong Kong

1800H Central Station
List to visit in Central Area:
1. Pottinger Street
2. Wall Art in Hollywood Street
3. Man Mo Temple
4. Tank Lane / Rich View Terrace
5. Ladder Street

1915H Buy some Egg Tuff and milk tea then off to Sheung Wan Center to redeem our ticket for Macau trip (Booked via KLOOK)
1945H Off to TST (damn, finally after a long day!)
2000H Chungking Mansion / Rest / Prep for another Walk
2100H Off to Harbour View / Avenue of Stars (Under renovation) / Dinner
2400H Lights off

DAY 3 – Hong Kong Disneyland



0700H WU / Prep time / Breakfast
0830H Off to Disneyland
0900H Touchdown Disneyland
1000H Disneyland is Finally Open / Start exploring Disneyland

»Going to all the Attraction, Entertainment and use of Disney Train opens at 10:30 am / 11:00 am so you have to wait for that
»During our visit, it was Off season so almost no queue to all of the Attraction in Disneyland. Besides you can use the Fast Pass (A Service allows you to reserve access to selected Disney theme park attractions, entertainment, and Character Greetings in advance. Not all the attraction have this)
»Bringing Food in Disneyland is Prohibited but some rules are meant to be broken. You can bring some snacks but make sure the security won’t see it.
»Rain or Shine: Always bring your umbrella.
»Bring your own Water Bottle. There is Drinking Fountain inside the Theme Park.

1200H Lunch: Food inside Disneyland is soo effin’ expensive! Around 140Hkd with Drinks and Extra Rice
1330H Start of Flights of Fantasy Parade
1530H Disney Friends Springtime Processional Parade
1630H Photo Op Outside Disney and Off to TST
2000H Rest for a while / Prep to visit Mongkok and buy pasalubong
2030H Disney Paint the Night Parade (Temporary Replacement for the Disneyland Fireworks, I guess?) We Didn’t manage to see this because we are so tired to stay longer in Disneyland.
2100H Rest / Dinner / Packed / Social Media time
2300H Lights Off


  • Day 1: 3,146.90 PHP
    • Transportation: 525.57 PHP
      -Home to Airport: 281.00 PHP
      -Bus A21 Airport to TST: 210.73 PHP (CREDIT TO OCTOPUS CARD)
      -MTR TST to Mongkok: 33.84 PHP (5.3 HKD)
    • Sim Card (5 days Unlimited Mobile data): 239.46 PHP (75 HKD / 2 PAX)
    • Accommodation: 2,234.99 PHP (700 HKD)
    • Dinner (Circle K): 146.87 PHP (23 HKD)
  • Day 2: 889.21 PHP
    • Transportation: 514.05 PHP (80.5 HKD)
    • Food: 375.16 PHP (58.75 HKD)
  • Day 3: 5,079.21 PHP
    • Disneyland Entrance: 3,440.00 PHP (Booked via KLOOK)
    • Transportation: 326.95 PHP (51.2 HKD)
    • Souvenir: 670.50 PHP (105 HKD)
    • Food: 641.76 PHP (100.5 HKD)
  • Others: 1,965.00 PHP
    • Travel Tax: 1,620.00 PHP
    • Grocery / Snack: 250.00 PHP
    • Lunch (MIA): 95.00 PHP
  • TOTAL: 11,080.32 PHP (Airfare Not Included)

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