Best Instagram Worthy Spot in Hong Kong

I considered Hong Kong as a Shopping Capital of Asia when it comes to sneakers, bags and etc. but whilst you are there, you may as well head to some of the most photographic spots in the city perfect for Hong Kong Photography.

If you’re into a modern-age-landscape Photography, Hong Kong is one of the Most Instagram/Photography Worthy in Asia. So this post is dedicated to the Most Instagrammable Places in Hong Kong.



1. Hong Kong Cultural Center
Location: 梳士巴利道十號, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
How to Get There: From TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) MTR Sta. Exit to E (Front of Chungking Mansion) and walk for 5 mins until you reach the Pedestrian lane going to the Harbour and another 5 mins for you to reach the Hong Kong Cultural Center.

2. Choi Hung Estate Car Park
Location: Choi Hung MTR Sta.
How to Get There: Walk to TST Sta. Nearest Exit / Ride MTR going to Choi Hung Sta. (Exit C3) / Just enter Choi Hung Compound and look for the Parking Lot, Top Floor is Basketball Court
Travel time: 21 mins | Fare: 8.2 Hkd


3. Lok Wah South Estate Car Park
Location: Lok Wah South Estate Car Park, 70 Chun Wah Rd, Ngau Tau Kok
How to Get There: Walk back again to MTR Choi Hung Sta. (Exit C3) then walk to Exit A2 going to Ping Shek Estate (You may also try doing photography here). From Ping Shek Estate start searching for Ping Shek Estate bus stop (The bus stop I’m telling you is the one facing Prince Edward Highway. I think 5 mins walking distance from Exit A2)
Ride Bus 2A or 28
Travel time: 19 mins | Fare: 8.2 Hkd

4. Yick Cheong Building (Monster Building)
Location: Hong Kong, 英皇道1046號
How to Get There: From Lok Wah Estate, Ride Green Minibus 36A going to Kwun Tong Sta. / from Kwun Tong Sta. ride MTR going to Quarry Bay / from Quarry Bay either you walk for 10mins or just ride Tram (to experience) then always used your google map to locate the building
Travel Time: 40 mins | Fare: Bus 36A – 3.6 Hkd | MTR Kwun tong to Quarry Bay – 9.70 Hkd | Tram going to Yick Cheong Building – 2.3 Hkd | Total : 15.6 Hkd

PS: There are two Monster Building, the first one is the one you see in above photo and the other one is the red, yellow, orange, etc painted wall. You must visit both building.

Lai Tak Tsuen 2.jpg(Disclaimer: I don’t own this Photo. Credit to the Owner)

5. Lai Tak Tsuen (the Circle Shape Estate – Not Recommended)
Location: Lai Tak Tsuen Rd, Tai Hang, Hong Kong
How to get there: From Yick Cheong Building to go to Bus stop in the king’s Rd, Ride Bus 81 NWFB | Drop-off: Lai Tak Tseun (Last Bus Stop)
Travel time: 25 mins | Fare: 4.1 Hkd

PS: This building is Restricted to Outsiders unless you have an access or a friend who lived in the area.

6. Wall Art in Hollywood Road (Central)
Location: Hollywood Road is between Central Sta – Sheung Wan Sta.
How to get there: From Yick Cheong Building (If you skip going to Lai Tak Tsuen) Ride Tram going to Central (Cheaper Price + slower than MTR)
Travel Time: 20-30 mins from Tram Stop (Near Quarry Bay) to Central Sta | Fare: 2.5 Hkd

Places to visit in Central Area:
A. Pottinger Street
B. Graham Wall Street (Landmark: La Vache)
C. Uma nota (Next Street to Graham)
D. Man Mo Temple, Hollywood Road
E. Bruce Lee Painting (Tank Lane)
F. Rich View Terrace (Corner Tank lane and Square St.)
G. Ladder St.
H. Hong Kong Medical Museum
I. Possession St.

Note: Every Street in Hollywood Road is Instagramable.

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