Taiwan Travel Guide: 9,500 PHP Itinerary

I must say Taiwan is one of the cheapest to travel and a-must-visit country in Asia. If happen you are living in the Philippines and you compare the Market Price from PH to Taiwan, you might say “It’s like the Philippines, super cheap!” plus you will love the weather here (Not too Hot, Not too Cold).

Taiwanese People for me is so gentle compared to Chinese people (Technically their both Chinese but Taiwanese peps are like Japanese when it comes to the way they treat the Person)

Bali Travel Guide: A 14,000 PHP Itinerary

Bali, One of the most popular travel destination in Southeast Asia because of its Old Temples, Beaches, Food, Night Life and culture. Not to mention, that it so cheap to travel in Bali.

Macau Travel Guide: 1,600 PHP Itinerary (Day Tour)

Macau or Macao often described as the Las Vegas of the East and Home to Mega Casinos and Hotels. Macau has an old-world European feel left by centuries of Portuguese influence. If you enjoy Club Parties, then Macau needs no introduction. It’s one of the best party destinations in Asia. Whether you’re into gambling, parties…

Hong Kong Travel Guide: A 11,000 PHP Itinerary

Hong Kong is special to me because it’s our (My Boyfriend) First International Travel together and also marked my 5th country to visit out of 193; and his Nth time to visit HK. Hong Kong is one of the richest financial and trading center in Asia and also one of the vibrant cities in the…

Best Instagram Worthy Spot in Hong Kong

I considered Hong Kong as a Shopping Capital of Asia when it comes to sneakers, bags and etc. but whilst you are there, you may as well head to some of the most photographic spots in the city perfect for Hong Kong Photography. If you’re into a modern-age-landscape Photography, Hong Kong is one of the…