Bali Travel Guide: A 14,000 PHP Itinerary

Bali, One of the most popular travel destination in Southeast Asia because of its Old Temples, Beaches, Food, Night Life and culture. Not to mention, that it so cheap to travel in Bali.

As you can see in my previous blogs, Last year we visited Hong kong and Macao for few days with PHP 11,000 Budget. And now, another year, another travel together and we decided to visit the most travel destination for couples — Bali, Indonesia.

This time around we spend 16 epic-days travelling in three different country such as Bali, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Finally our last leg for this 2019 adventure is Thailand (Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai).



Top Tourist Destination:

The cultural hub of Bali. Home to one of Bali’s royal families, this traditional country town has royal palaces and ancient temples. It’s also where some of the world’s notable artisans and collectors have visited and worked in.

Denpasar is the capital of Bali, but most travellers breeze past this city in favour of the beach and highlands. While it isn’t really geared to tourism, you can find several historical, multi-cultural, traditional, and religious gems. There are museums and monuments from the Dutch colonial period, along with several temples that will no doubt surprise you with their allure.

Seminyak is Bali’s most stylish and upscale beach resort area. It’s home to some of the island’s most luxurious resorts and the streets are lined with fine-dining restaurants and fashion boutiques. Seminyak’s Petitenget Beach offers a secluded ambience, especially when compared to Kuta and Legian to its south. However, after sunset, a livelier nightlife scene takes over. Many of the hotspots in Seminyak have garnered an international following, including chic hotels and first-class beach clubs.

Canggu is a coastal village that spans between Seminyak and Tanah Lot. The coastline has several black sand beaches, almost all with surf breaks that are popular among both local and international surfers. The countryside has picturesque rice fields that are close to Bali’s luxury villas and resorts. Known for its great surf and being home to Bali’s expatriate community, Canggu is dotted with numerous surf camps, international bars, restaurants, and retail outlets.

Nusa Penida
Nusa Penida is the largest and most exotic of the 3 Nusa islands, thanks to its collection of unique Hindu temples and picturesque natural features of cliff formations and lagoons. Nusa Penida measures over 200 sq km – significantly larger than the popular Nusa Lembongan and its accessible sister island, Nusa Ceningan. Nusa Penida has a very limited number of hotels and tourist features.




Three hours Flight from the Manila, Philippines.

Several platforms like Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia and Jetstar; Travel search sites like Skyscanner, Traveloka etc. are also available if you want to score a cheap flight to Indonesia.

For Philippine Passport holders, we can enter Bali, Indonesia VISA-EXEMPTED up to 30 days. All you need to do is show your Passport and Arrival card when clearing Indonesia immigration and return the departure card.

May to June – Best time to visit Bali. (Its summer season during those months)
July to August – Peak Season, The most popular time to visit, but also the busiest and most expensive season.
November to April – Dry Season

From April to October, surfing is at its best on the west coast, while from November to March, the east coast offers better conditions. Surprisingly, the dry season is more popular for surfing but is also the most crowded.

Accommodations in this country are pretty Cheap, you can get for as low as PHP 1,800 – 5,000/night (Private Villa). If depends on you, if you want less crowd and more peaceful evening Canggu and Ubud Area can never go wrong. While if you’re into Beach Party Stay in Seminyak Area.

I always make sure to book ahead of time all my Accommodation, Activities and Wireless Connection before Traveling Locally or Abroad. Klook saves a lot of money and Energy (in some ways) when it comes to Activities, Transportation and etc. I definitely recommend booking your travel activities with KLOOK! Sign-up here to get 150.00 PHP Discount on your Bookings: KLOOK

» West Nusa Penida Tour (Via: KLOOK)
» 3G/4G Sim Card (Via: KLOOK)

If you wanted an itinerary and be able to tour around some notable spots in Bali, then we suggest you book a tour package here at KLOOK or check some legit travel sites that offers tour package.



» For the First time International Travel, just bring these documents to avoid being offloaded.

1. Valid passport (at least 6 months)
2. Certificate of Employment (COE, of course, if you’re employed)
3. Approved Leave of Absence (LOA, if employed)
4. Company ID (First thing na hinahanap ng IO to bes!)
5. Return flight ticket (A must)
6. A copy of your daily itinerary
7. A visa (to a particular country if applicable)

» To avoid long line/queues, you must Check-In first via Web / Mobile. You can use your mobile device as early as 7 days before your flight (ending 4 hours before your flight) to check in and get your boarding pass. This service is really fast and seamless and can definitely guarantee you a convenient check-in process.

»Rent a 4g Wifi to stay connected (WiFi device where up to 5 people can connect)
•Google Maps: Your ultimate travel navigator during your trip. It provides with routes and walking trails towards your destination.

»Always bring your passport with you
For safety purposes as well as for you to also be ready to present it whenever a Police Officer or a Government Official demands it.

»Stay in Hostels / Guesthouses
Hostels in Sort-of Expensive but if you do have a budget, you can stay at the Hotel.
Here are some of my List when booking my accommodation:
1. Bookings
2. Agoda
3. Airbnb

»Always change your money to USD
It’s more convenient and practical when traveling abroad. The Best Area where to exchange your money is in Ubud Area (I think, kahit siguro saan lugar sa Ubud mataas ang palitan ng USD) and Also Seminyak Area (Money changer near Motel Mexicola / W Hotel. somewhere in the area)

»Souvenir Tips
Some people say that it’s cheaper if you bought your souvenir in Ubud Market. Nope, that’s not true the best place for me to shop in Tanah Lot Market you can haggle to the max and buy a authentic rattan bag for 130K IDR (Big size) while the Palazzo pants is worth 40K IDR.

Just like here in the Philippines, traveling and getting around the city is more convenient and cheaper if you just rent a car. Public Transportation in Bali is not an option because no one used it unless you’re a local .

If you are a couple (Just like us), i suggest you rent a motorbike if you want to wander around the city like a real tourist. (Please note: Drive at your own risk because some of the police officer randomly check if carry your IDL (International Driving Licence) with you.

Grab Taxi/Car and Uber are also available on the island, just download the app to book a ride. (Actually, It’s a bit cheaper to take Grab Car than booking a Bali Driver in Social Media)

If you’re a solo traveler and you don’t know how to drive a motorbike you can book and Hire thru GO-JEK – an app for motorbike taxi very similar to Uber.


DAY 1 : Ubud Tour

0000H ETD to Manila International Airport Terminal 3
0100H Arrival to MIA (NAIA) Terminal 3
0250H Boarding Time!
0350H Bound to Bali, Indonesia
0750H Touch Down Bali / Immigration / Claimed Klook Sim Card / Looked for Contact Driver
0900H Stopover: Breakfast
0930H Start Ubud Tour
1. Bali Bidadari Batik
2. Visited Alternative Shop other than UC Silver *Forgot the store name*
3. Ubud Market / Ubud Palace
4. Lunch : Cuesadilla Warung
First time to try: Nasi goreng (Fried Rice dish known in Bali)
5. Alas Harum Bali (Giant Swing & Rice terraces)
6. Tirta Empul Holy Spring
1800H End Ubud tour
1830H Checked-in : Yana Villas Kemenuh
1930H Rest / Freshen up
2100H Dinner at the Villa
2300H Lights Off

DAY 2 : Bedugul Tour

Wake Up / Prep Time / Breakfast
0800H Pick-up.
0830H Start Bedugul Tour:
1. Tegenungan Waterfall
2. Ulun Danu Temple
3. Handara Gate
4. Wanagiri
5. Tanah Lot
2000H End of Bedugul Tour
2100H Arrived to our Villa
2200H Dinner at The Villa
2400H Lights Off

DAY 3 : Seminyak (DIY Tour)

Wake Up / Prep Time
0900H Breakfast
0930H Swimming time, Few hours before we check-out
1000H Prep time / Washed up / Booked a grab going to Seminyak
1200H Off to Seminyak (Second Hotel)
1300H Arrived to Puri Dewa Bharata Hotel / Looked for Motorcycle Rental / Late Lunch
Fast food Recommendation: JFC (KFC ng Bali)
1400H Checked-in / Rest
1500H Drive around Seminayak Area
1. Kynd Community (Dine-in & We took Pictures)
2. W Bali Bamboo (Tinignan lang namin but hindi na kami nag picture)
3. Motel Mexicola (Solid Food, Must Try)
4. Sea Circus Bali (Walking Distance from Motel Mexicola)
5. Seminyak Beach
6. La Plancha Beach (Halos lahat may umbrella but i don’t know bakit ito lang ang kilala?)

PS: Naligaw kami from Mexicola to La Plancha. (Google Maps Fault. lol)
PS2: We watched Fire dance sa isang Reception (Beach Wedding ata yon)

2000H Back to Hotel (Rest)
2030H Take-out dinner at Mcdonalds
2300H Lights off

DAY 4 : Nusa Penida Tour

Wake-up / Breakfast
0600H Pick-up (Klook : Nusa Penida Tour)
0800H Off to Nusa Penida (1HR travel via Speedboat)
0900H Arrived at Nusa Penida / Start Tour
1. Angels Billabong
2. Broken Beach
3. Kelingking Secret Point
4. Crystal Bay (We didn’t go here)

*Bumalik na kami ng City after namin mag lunch dahil sa pagod na din and also hindi pa kami nakakaimpake
1400H Departure from Nusa Pineda to Sanur
1500H Arrived at Sanur
1530H Back to our Hotel / Rest / Unpacked
1900H Dinner at Warung Murah
2000H Rest / Relax Time
2200H Lights off (Early Flight Tommorrow)

DAY 5 : Flight to KL, Malaysia

0400H Wake-up / Prep Time / Breakfast
0500H Booked Grab / Off to Airport
0700H Flightbound to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1030H ETA to KLIA 2

Expenses for 2 pax

  • Day 1: 8,756.26 PHP
    • Transportation
      • Grab Home – Airport: 350.00 PHP
      • Tour (Bali Transpo): 2,031.83 PHP (550,000 IDR)
    • Food
      • Breakfast: 461.78 PHP (125,000 IDR)
      • Lunch: 251.21 PHP (68,000 IDR)
      • Dinner: 384.20 PHP (104,000 IDR)
      • Snacks: 88.66 PHP (24,000 IDR)
      • Luwak Coffee: 184.71 PHP (50,000 IDR)
    • Souvenir, Tip & Entrance
      • Ticket: Uma Pakel: 369.42 PHP (100,000 IDR)
      • Ticket: Tetra Empul plus Sarong Rental (1 pax): 406.37 PHP (110,000 IDR)
      • Souvenir – Coffee: 886.62 PHP (240,000 IDR)
      • Souvenir – Rattan Bag & Ref Magnet: 794.26 PHP (215,000 + 20,000 IDR)
    • Accommodation for 2 Nights: 2,823.30 PHP (764,244 IDR)
  • Day 2: 5,391.75 PHP
    • Transportation
      • Tour (Bali Transpo): 2,031.83 PHP (550,000 IDR)
    • Food
      • Lunch: 168.09 PHP (45,500 IDR)
      • Snacks: 114.52 PHP (31,000 IDR)
      • Dinner: 509.81 PHP (138,000 IDR)
    • Souvenir, Tip & Entrance
      • Ticket – Tegunungan Waterfalls: 147.77 PHP (40,000 IDR)
      • Ticket – Ulun Danu: 369.42 PHP (100,000 IDR)
      • Ticket – Handara Gate: 221.65 PHP (60,000 IDR)
      • Ticket – Wanagiri: 738.85 PHP (200,000 IDR)
      • Ticket – Tanah Lot incldng Parking Fee: 461.78 PHP (125,000 IDR)
      • Souvenir (Rattan Bag & Loose Pants): 628.02 PHP (170,000 IDR)
  • Day 3: 5,326.36 PHP
    • Transportation
      • Grab from Ubud to Seminyak: 664.96 PHP (180,000 IDR)
      • Motorbike Rental: 332.48 PHP (90,000 IDR)
      • Parking Fees: 147.77 PHP (40,000 IDR)
    • Food
      • Lunch: 114.08 PHP (39,000 IDR)
      • Dinner: 284.46 PHP (77,000 IDR)
      • KYND: 557.83 PHP (151,000 IDR)
      • Motel Mexicola: 587.00 PHP (158,895 IDR)
    • Accommodation for 2 nights: 2,607.78 PHP
  • Day 4: 5,760.05 PHP
    • Transportation
      • Tour (Klook): 5,374.00 PHP
    • Food
      • Fries: 92.36 PHP (25,000 IDR)
      • Dinner: 142.23 PHP (38,500 IDR)
      • Snacks: 114.52 PHP (31,000 IDR)
    • Others
      • Used of Toilet: 36.94 PHP (10,000 IDR)
  • Day 5: 221.65 PHP
    • Transportation
      • Grab from Hotel to Airport: 221.65 PHP (60,000 IDR)
  • Others: 3,240 PHP
    • Travel Tax: 3,240 PHP
  • Total Expenses: 28,696.07 PHP for 2 pax
  • Individual Expenses excluding Airfare: 14,348.035 PHP

Note: It will Lessen your expenses if you are travelling atleast 3-5pax. Because Car Rental is too expensive for just the two of you.

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